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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Bontrolva, Lamia

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Lamia Bontrolva

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Bontrolva, Lamia 50492_118247711522454_613048_n


AgeGender Blood Status


9.5", polished black Willow, Veela Hair. Sharpened to act as a blade as well.
The Dark Arts, Torture, Anthropomancy. Divination & Leglimency
Her deluded mind, her overconfidence and cockiness, the fact that she is easily controlled by emotions. She also has the inability to interact with animals.


PERSONALITY: Lamia has been deluded by the lust for power, ever since she was little, after killing her lover and sentencing her parents to a certain death to save er own hide, her humanity started dissolving and her mind started twisting. Her lust for power, due to being deluded at such a young age, it has turned uncontrollable, devouring her and fogging up her once-sharp mind. However sometimes, flickers of her humanity can show through, whether it is for her own gain in power or whether it is actually real. Nearly all of the time, her eyes are dull, despite her smiling face or tone in her voice.
She would be quick to kill a pureblood, a family member, and even a Deatheater if it would mean they would interfere with her rise or are weak.
She pays no attention to any ranks, as she despises her limit to be chained and set. However when she believes herself to be in the wrong, she accepts her punishment willingly and silently[as it has become a habit hammered into her head since young.]
She has developed an obsessive lust for anything beautiful or marring anything innocent as well as the thought other power.
She abuses her magic for use of her own entertainment.

LIKES: Anarchy, the colour of blood, beauty, innocence, power

DISLIKES: Weakness, Order, Anything Muggle-related, Limits, Boredom

FEARS: Growing Weak. Embracing a normal life.


Her parents were devout Death Eaters, they forced it upon her since the day she was born. Her father was very high in the Ministry and her mother had a high social standing as she was beautiful and went out to a lot of social gatherings.

During her first years at Hogwarts, she made friends with a lot of people, even Muggleborns but when she came back home and told her parents, they punished her, calling her a traitor. The following years, she grew colder and colder until her final/seventh year.

At the age of sixteen, she fell in love, with a Muggle named Aiden. He was nice to her when she was sad, and when she had just been punished. They tried to keep their affair secret from her parents, knowing the consequences that their discovery would bring.

One day, Tracy, Lamia's best friend grew jealous, believing that Aden was dragging Lamia away from her, so after an argument, she blurted it out to Lamia's parents.

Lamia was quickly torn away from Aiden, and punished. Her parents decided to torture her out of it, to break her into a heartless monster. One day, Aiden wanted to check on Lamia, to see her. He tried to revert her back to her normal self, telling her that it wasn't the real her. Fueled by her annoyance and Tracy's side of the story, Lamia tortured Aiden until he died. Tracy's side of the story was that he tried kissing her[tracy].

Lamia was arrested and brought to a hearing. Tracy was there, who was sure that Lamia was going to get caught and didn't want to have anything to do with it, confessed that she saw Lamia do it. Having no care for her parents as they did her, Lamia framed them, saying that they hated seeing her with him, she was feigning crying and sobbing but it seemed so realistic, she said that they took her wand and killed him when he came to her...the judge believed so her parents took her place in Azkaban. Thus, she non-directly was the cause of her parents' death.

After that she was still unstable, she hated Muggles and she was furious when she found out her best friend had lied to her. She tortured Tracy and her lover into insanity, despising that Tracy was allowed to live a life with someone else when she ruined Lamia's chance.

Lamia was caught and proudly admitted that she killed them, so she was sent to Azkaban where her insanity grew.

When Azkaban fell, she decided to become an Animagus through thorough research through her parents' documents and notes about the spell. When she did, a few of her unstable emotions were bottled up, making her slightly more controlled.

Lamia never finished her seventh year in Hogwarts, due to her arrest.

She decided to enroll as a Divination teacher as an undercover Deatheater, however due to her boredom, her real allegiance was revealed.

Other Characters:Medea Dorchinade

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Bontrolva, Lamia Hogwarts

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Bontrolva, Lamia
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