Hogwarts Reborn: Harry Potter RPG

100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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PostSubject: Plotline   Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:52 pm


Hello! Here below is the plotline that this website follows. It is an overview of everything that is going on, but specifics are left out. It is highly suggested to read Member Group Decriptions as well to get an idea of your specific group. A few mysteries are going to be left out, and only those joining the group will know what is truly happening. Hopefully you will find the plotline fun and well suited; ones that you like for your character to be part of. Have fun!

And so the end has come...

More than 100 years after Voldemort’s fall, and once again fear is running rapid across the land. The dark rises again, and there is nothing to be done. Nothing.
The Death Eaters have exactly what they've been looking for, and more. They have power, and they have the confidence. No one dares to face them or destroy them--it looks to be impossible. The idol, the totem, the magic that has been missing for centuries is now in their hands. Dumbledore had a backup, placed to help Harry, that was never used. Missing for years, unknown to all of witches and wizards alike, it rested at the bottom of the Black Lake. The Death Eaters are waiting to unleash the power of the new found idol. The only problem is, they don’t know how to, nor what exactly it unleashes. But no one knows this. With the way that the Death Eaters strike the streets in stride, showing off, all cower in fear of what they could do to them.
On the search, the Death Eaters are easily climbing through places in order to try and obtain this information on the idol. The vampires, who had known of it's placement, have become out of the Death Eaters reach. They can't find them, they can't contact them. The vampires have made sure that the Death Eaters can get nothing more from them. And so, that leaves Hogwarts. Spying, watching, making sure that they all stay in line; but also making sure that Hogwarts doesn’t know anything that they don’t. Their goal is to use this mysterious, powerful artifact, and with the Ministry and Order busy with their own shortcomings, it’s the perfect time for the Death Eaters to show who is really in charge.

Hogwarts is thought to be free. No one knows of the Death Eaters presence, not anyone but the Headmistress. Taking a new approach, everything is kept on the down low when it comes to such information. It goes no where and reaches no one. Hogwarts looks like a free school once again, just as it once was, just how it is truly not. The students believe that they can breathe freedom once again. After a year of being imprisoned inside the walls of Hogwarts, the students can roam the grounds. They can open windows to get fresh air, play quidditch, have fun with their friends. Everything seems to be back to normal. Classes are just as hard as ever, and with last year’s delay, the students are surely being thrust back into work. The only thing that seems curious are all of these secrets that keep appearing. Around their common rooms, in secret passageways, to some it’s a curious thing, others it’s a fun and exciting adventure.
The staff of Hogwarts are back to teaching classes and going about their normal business. They have gained freedom to roam and expand their classes to the outdoors and to take students to Hogsmeade for field trips. But freedom does not equal control. All alone, the staff is left with a dark shadow hanging over their shoulders. Although it may appear that they have control over their school once again, it is clear that the Death Eaters are still watching. Although the staff don't realize just how much power they have, they suspect their presence still lingers in the shadowy corners of the school. Although the Death Eaters have not taken control of the school, they are watching, and with strings attached to their fingers, everyone under Hogwart’s roof is their puppets.

Hogwarts is alone.
The Ministry is starting to find themselves at a standstill. Their project had been going great and progressing well, until the Order decided to interfere. In all of the wrongdoings, the Ministry sees themselves as the light to the future. The Order sees the Ministry as bringing the next dark era. Perhaps the next Wizarding War. Ever since the Order got involved, the Ministry has taken two steps back, and their projects have become nearly halted. The Ministry believes that they are doing good. By trying to find the gene to special abilities and traits, they had planned to ‘share’ the wealth. Why should only a few lucky beings get to have special abilities? Witches and Wizards should be the ultimate dominance, they should be able to have and do everything. But the Order sees differently. Experimenting on witches and wizards, on beasts and beings. The Order has a goal to stop this madness. Beings of all kinds are getting hurt and injured, and it’s unjust. The Ministry is corrupt—their ideals are unreachable, unfathomable. Hurting innocence is wrong, and the Order is ready to stop it and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
The Ministry continues to try and experiment, to try and find just what they’re looking for. The Order is trying to stop them, to sabotage their experiments; their attention is solely on bringing justice back to the Ministry of Magic. The Ministry revolts, and the Order will stop at nothign to do what's right.
A rivalry has begun.

Who can you trust? The entire world appears to be full of corruption. The Death Eaters are scrambling around, clear as day, and no one is there to stop them. The Ministry is going to houses and demanding the residents with whom hold the Ministry’s interest to be taken under their custody, back to the Ministry. The Order is heard of, but hardly seen as they fight against the Ministry and whatever they’re doing. Rumors of the three groups have spread around, and fast. A few take sides, a few try to hide; what will you do? Risk your life, or save it. It’s a decision that every human must contemplate.

What will you do?


Or Hide?

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