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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Montrone, Sebastian (WIP)

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Sebastian Montrone
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PostSubject: Montrone, Sebastian (WIP)   Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:42 am





Sebastian Montrone




AgeGenderBlood Status


Poplar, 12 inches, springy, unicorn hair core
Common starling
Potions, Herbology
Transfiguration, Charms


PERSONALITY: Seb is a hard worker, and incredibly reliable. He is always around to lend a hand if needed no matter the situation. Honest to a fault, he sometimes doesn't know when to tell a white lie, even if it ends up hurting someone. He is slow to realize the needs and emotions of others, and often neglects or does not understand his own feelings either. He does like to work with others, though, and finds pleasure in organizing and leading groups. He is a strict follower of the rules and believes they are in place for a reason.

   LIKES: Seb likes to put things in order, whether it be objects laying around in a mess, or steps to solving a problem. He enjoys seeing his hard work pay off in finished projects or accomplished goals. He likes to be able to understand another person's views and emotions (even if it doesn't happen often) when they are different than his own, as it gives him something new to analyze about the way people work. Seb likes his life to be stable and maintainable, and will work as hard as he can to attain that. He loves gummy candy and flying his broom.

   DISLIKES: Sebastian does not like breaking the rules for any reason, or being part of something that goes against any laid out guidelines in a given situation. He hates when people break their promises, or act rashly without first considering the implications to the other people around them. He also does not like when he is unable to figure out the right approach to help someone due to his difficulty in understanding and accepting the feelings of others. Seb hates banana flavored things and rain.

   FEARS: He is afraid he will not be able to work hard enough to keep control of his life, and the lives of those that depend him, such as his family. Deep water and swimming terrifies him, as his father drowned when he was younger.


  Sebastian was born the oldest son of a witch mother and a muggle father. His mother worked gathering, processing, and selling potion ingredients to stores that then resell them to their customers. His father was an insurance salesman. He has a pair of twin brothers named Noah and Milo, who are four years younger than him. They all lived comfortably in a middle class neighborhood, and while they were never rich they got by just fine.

Seb's father loved to take the boys out sailing on his small boat, and the kids always had a great time. When he was nine, though, his father was out alone when a storm struck and toppled the boat, leaving him to drown. From then on Seb took over his fathers role, even at such a young age. He helped his mother pick and sell potion ingredients and took care of his little brothers. The huge responsibility had an impact on the young boy and turned him into a very serious child. While he missed his father he did not spend long mourning, and instead took his sadness and turned it into dedication to provide a stable environment for his little brothers to grow up in.

During his first year at Hogwarts, and each successive year, Seb spent a lot of time worrying over his family and writing letters making sure they are taking care of themselves. He does very well in his potion and herbology classes since he has spent nearly his whole life learning about the special ingredients and plants his mother cultivates or picks. He cannot wrap his head around charm work and often seeks extra help in the area, and even then barely manages to get acceptable marks. During his third year he makes the Hufflepuff quidditch team as seeker.

His fourth year passes much the same, though he begins to realize all his friends had started talking more about dating. Seb himself doesn't find the talk of too much interest, and while he listens to his friends does not feel compelled to try and find a girlfriend. At the beginning of his fifth year he is made a prefect and takes his position very seriously. His younger brothers start at Hogwarts that year, Noah being sorted into Hufflepuff with Seb, and Milo into Gryfindor, much to everyone's surprise.

During the summers and holidays he helps his mother with work and gives her all the extra money in order to care for his brothers and himself. He doesn't have time during his breaks to visit friends or go on any vacations, and instead keeps himself busy with any work he can find.


   Other Characters:Eleonora Valenta, Jett Winters, Landon Adwell




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Eirina Naer

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PostSubject: Re: Montrone, Sebastian (WIP)   Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:29 am


Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmistress: Eirina Naer
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc.,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Sebastian Montrone,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.  

Yours sincerely,

Eirina Naer
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Montrone, Sebastian (WIP)
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