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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Sometimes its easier to rake snow than shovel it. (Tag: Landon.)

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Landon Adwell


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PostSubject: Re: Sometimes its easier to rake snow than shovel it. (Tag: Landon.)   Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:45 pm

“I may not be a million years old, but I certainly am older than you. Which means, being the adult here, I have to watch out for you.” Landon joked, though in truth he would feel a bit responsible if Cazz happened to slip. He didn't mind watching out for her, anyway. It gave him something else to focus on. While she seemed a capable young woman – she had to be if she lived alone in that big house – there was something about her childish ways that made him want to scoop her up and make sure she didn't do anything that might hurt her, in more ways that just physical.

He took off from the spot he had been stopped in and began to skate towards Cazz slowly, trailing behind her while she went in circles. “How's that mansion of yours treating you? Not getting too lonely all by yourself, are you?” Landon's voice had turned a bit more somber, setting the jokes aside for the time being.
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Cazz Valentine
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PostSubject: Re: Sometimes its easier to rake snow than shovel it. (Tag: Landon.)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 3:33 pm

"Oh my goodness Landon~ your like the big brother I've never had!" Cazz's eyes brighten ten fold as she slowed down a little more to make him worry less, she didn't want to cause him a heart attack or anything. Cazz slowly stopped turning to him slipping her hands into her pockets shivering a little from a cold wind that seemed to pick up some snow swirling it around carefully before blowing off to another snow pile.

"I actually left... I'm renting a tiny place by my job now in the muggle world. Its pretty nice I like it much better than that huge place all alone." She smiled slightly sadly giving a shrug whispering. "It will get better I'm sure of it," She smiled brightly beginning to skate around again. "What about you finding any more of your memories recently."
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Sometimes its easier to rake snow than shovel it. (Tag: Landon.)
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