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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Heavy Expectations (Tag: John)

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Madison Reid
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Heavy Expectations (Tag: John) Empty
PostSubject: Heavy Expectations (Tag: John)   Heavy Expectations (Tag: John) EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 1:34 am

The snow in winter fell much the same as leaves in the fall. It was quiet, harmless to the world around. It seemed as though all had gone from the world, save for the blanket of snow that grew thicker the further into the night it went, and the silent homes and empty shops lining the streets. Though the breeze was sharp with cold, Madison found the snow dancing along it entrancing. The fresh icy air had been just what she needed, and as she took in a deep breath, she could feel relief from the emptiness of Hogsmeade. The village was inviting at any time of the year, but it was only in this chilly season that it held such a spectacular landscape. It was a rare occasion for Madison to be experiencing the outdoors herself, rather than by peering through the safety of a window. She wasn't fond of the idea of returning to her office, where there only sat reminders of how much work she had to do and how high the expectations she assumed everyone held over her due to her new appointment as Deputy.

She'd made a slight error in coming here before changing into better footwear, but seeing as she was already here, she simply did her best to tread lightly on the thick snow, until she found the sidewalk where overused travel thinned out a walkway. Making her way down the main street got easier the farther into town she got, and though she was alone in the dark, she kept her wand in her coat pocket, within easy reach. She also couldn't help but notice, but the farther she got from Hogwarts, the lighter her burdens became. Perhaps that was why many folk went on vacation- to get away from their workplace, and put as much distance between them. She couldn't recall the last vacation, she thought depressingly. Even during the summer, with the time that was free from Hogwarts, she poured into the Order, helping where she could. It was far from the carefree life many others may have lived, but it wasn't without purpose, of which Madison so desperately craved. She couldn't imagine, living every day of her life, just existing, and pursuing the T.V. channels rather than her noble cause.

It was like that popular saying 'To each his own.' She did realize others might find her as foolish or strange as she found others, but she couldn't find any relativity beyond that. It simply wasn't how her mind worked. If the world worked the way her mind did, it would be a beautiful utopia, until its citizens began fighting over minor misconceptions and destroyed all that they had worked for. Oh, but that was how the world worked. And even if the Order did achieve the 'peace' they strived for, who was to say that in five to ten years, someone wouldn't come along and pull it all out from them?

As she grew near the abandoned structure once known as the Three Broomsticks, she stopped at the corner, and took a moment to gaze upon it thoughtfully. Being such a popular inn and tavern, Madison was surprised someone hadn't come along and got the place running again already. She couldn't imagine how investors and business owners wouldn't seize their chance at it. As though the place had grown a superstitious reputation, the building remained vacant, and without the Broomsticks' constant supply of Madison's pricey wine, her finicky tastes had become difficult to satisfy. Though she had too many important obligations on her plate too go on a silly hunt. She'd survive just fine without it. As she looked about the street, she contemplated continuing her walk, but from a feline's perspective. It was an alluring idea, but it would be all too easy to soak her fur and numb her bare paws. Perhaps another time.
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Heavy Expectations (Tag: John)
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