Hogwarts Reborn: Harry Potter RPG

100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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Evangeline Knight

Evangeline Knight

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PostSubject: Knight,Evangeline   Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:40 am



AgeGenderBlood Status
16FemalePureblood,1/2 Veela


Can talk with Dragons
Mahogany Wood,Basilisk Skin Core,15''
A Black Dragon
Being Sneaky,Creatures
Emotional States,Anger Management,Herbology


PERSONALITY: Evangeline can be described as complicated,yet intriguing young lady.She likes being treated like a lady,but she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to.She is a very romantic person.She is like a common Pureblood lady,yet not as bad as them.She can be lovely towards people,but sometimes acts otherwise,for the sake of her life,and for her family's life too.She is quite sneaky,unpredictable and sly when she wants,and can be really mean and aggressive when angry.She is outgoing and a little flirty,but remains faithful when in a relationship.She tends to get alluring due to her looks,and sometimes hates to know that people,and especially guys are only interested in her because of her Veela magic.  

LIKES: Evangeline likes the most ridiculous,yet sweet things.She is extremely romantic and loves poems,and black roses.The most rare kind.She likes to be treated sweetly,and loves all the things that make her giggle.Books,and especially love stories are always twirling around in her mind,since she likes to hope for her own love story to come.
Creatures,and especially Dragons,are her favorite hobby,along with dancing and playing the piano.She sings extremely good,but she is too shy.  

DISLIKES: Evangeline dislikes immature and rude people.She hates being played,used and then thrown away like trash.She hates being lied to,and tries not to do it too,but she is sometimes forced to lie,just to make sure her family is safe,along with herself.She dislikes Herbology,but tries her best so that she gets good marks.

FEARS: Evangeline has two major fears.Death,and Isolation.


Evangeline was born in Copenhagen,Denmark,and moved with her family in England when she was 4 years old.She was always a good kid,listening to her parents,and grown up with the Pureblood beliefs.She was taught to hate Muggles,Muggleborns,and Blood Traitors,but she couldn't understand why.All of them,Muggles,Muggleborns and the others,looked the same as her,so why should she hate them when they were like her?The little girl couldn't understand that,but when she grew up,she understood perfectly why she had to hate them.But she still couldn't hate them,so she acted like it.Just to keep everyone around her,safe.

Her parents were both Purebloods,forced by their parents to join the Deatheaters,so Evangeline knew all too well the danger that was around her.She had to act like them,to survive,and she did.She didn't want to die,or see any member of her family,dying.She became cold hearted,and cruel,always being hexed and cursed,or being the doll they could use the Cruciatus Curse on,so she knew the pain and what the others could go through,and she didn't want that.

When her letter to attend Hogwarts arrived,Evangeline knew that she had no choice anymore.
She didn't want to go,just so she wouldn't have to be the spy in there,but she had no choice but to go,and act normal,or else she knew what would be waiting for her.She would have to owl her parents twice a week,informing them of anything going on inside the castle,and what else she had found out.

Her first years were quiet,since she was too young to do much,and she wished she could stay like that forever,but she knew that there was no such luck.She was sorted into Slytherin,and she expected no less,but she hopes that everything would go along smoothly.She owled her parents twice a week,as she was supposed to,keeping them informed of eveything,and they were proud to see their little girl being..cooperative.During the Holidays,she wanted to stay to the castle,but her parents would always come pick her up,leading her back home,where another torment was awaiting for her.

The Years passed quickly and as soon as she reached her fourth year,there was an owl arriving every single day,telling her what her next move should be,step by step.Her spy life had officially started,and she despised it.She despised everyone,but still loved her parents and family.During her fourth and fifth year,she didn't accomplish much,making her life difficult.Her summers had been a torment and she was hurt multiple times.She had finally understood that she had no true family.Everyone wanted to use her.

She promised herself that she would try and do what they wished,so that she would be able to keep herself safe just for a little,before she would be able to fight against them.With the start of her sixth year,she wanted to accomplish much.

Other Characters:N/A

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Eirina Naer
Eirina Naer

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PostSubject: Re: Knight,Evangeline   Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:29 am

Hello and thank you for registering at Hogwarts Reborn!
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

Just a few notes that I'd like to make! Firstly, the veela position for students is currently full, so Evangeline would not be able to be a veela, however that does mean that she can be a pureblood. Also, when it comes to her abilities, Evangeline would not be able to speak with dragons, however if you'd so like she can be a parselmouth.

If you'd like to have a character that can speak to Dragons, that requires special permissions. If you continue to RP and have proven yourself an active member, then in a few weeks I'll come to you and tell you that you may make a second character, this one with the ability to speak with Dragons. If you have further questions in regard to this, please PM me! But, overall, if you'd like for Evangeline to be capable of speaking to dragons, you may want to make another character, first.

Also, as a side note, please keep in mind not to replicate or provide too many similarities to characters from other series (Daenerys Targaryen from the series A Song Of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones). This includes similarities in abilites (speaking with dragons), personality, and faceclaim (Emilia Clarke).

Thank you so much for applying to Hogwarts Reborn! As soon as those changes are made, you will be approved!
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