Hogwarts Reborn: Harry Potter RPG

100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 and it goes on and on

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and it goes on and on Empty
PostSubject: and it goes on and on   and it goes on and on EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 10:13 pm

Gauntrae doesn't exactly have any direct friends. In the past, he had a few. But now, he is only one who shows and receives respect. He is very logical and calm, and a bit difficult to hold a common conversation and small talk with. Most people probably see him as just a Ministry figure, out to show everyone that the Ministry is alive and watching. What they don't know can't kill them.

Again, Gauntrae doesn't exactly have direct enemies, either. Ministry haters, sure, but to his knowledge he hasn't done anything directly to anyone. He has, however, suggested a few ideas that lack emotion that the Ministry has put into play, so, many may hate him for not caring about welfare and instead care about the 'logic' and how everything turns out best--for the ministry.

He's not searching for love, but it open to having a relationship. It might be harder for someone to love him, seeing that he shows little emotion. If he gets with a girl, then she will definately either be logical, too, or bring out the emotion in him. Gauntrae has had a lot of past relationships with girls at Hogwarts, so that could also be a possibility.

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and it goes on and on
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